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Jamie Lober

About Me

Jamie Lober is a go-to gal for everything health with her greatest accessory being piano music for all occasions.  With her M.S. in Psychology, she chose to specialize in health where she studied the complex relationship between biological, psychological and social factors implicated in health and illness.  Her research interests included human sexuality and addiction which led her to make a career out of promoting positive health behaviors through education. Lober believes it is never too late to make a change and lead a life of optimism.  

More importantly, Lober believes: When it rains on your parade, learn to dance in it.  

In addition to a decade in health communications, Lober has been playing piano for almost 30 years including college heartconservatory training, international music education and serving as the pianist at restaurants and private events throughout Broward, Dade and Palm Beach.  She customizes her own set lists and brands her style Music From The Heart 305.  Influenced by the soft rock hits from her childhood, strong music culture in South Florida and sophistication of jazz standards, Lober believes in the healing power of music and thrives on using the instrument as a way to share her personal joy with others.  

Whether you are looking for trusted wellness-related content or a piano performance to remember, look no further.  Through music and health education Lober hopes to help others build self-esteem, resilience and positive coping skills.  In her free time Lober enjoys spending time with loved ones including friends with fins and fur, running and collecting rocks with superpowers.  




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